She is a dynamic and determined woman who actively lives her daily life, but who intimately loves to rediscover her feminility.

In this way through the senual game of her undressing to change clothes, she wraps herself in gossamer and coulored dreams ande is
each time trasformed into a regal,loveable,desirable,sexy,happy and carefree vamp…..the ideal companion for every man.


Raw materials


The search for raw materials, the professionalism of the staff, and the careful study on the wear characteristics and on the fantasy of each model, joined with a finishing which has remained substantially artisan – even after the moving to the new property factory in 1991 – allowed Foemina to obtain excellent commercial and image results.

Boutiques domestic and foreign

The Company usual customers are to be found among the most important and well-known boutiques, both in Italy and abroad. Considerable results have been reached on foreign markets, with particular reference to: EC, Middle East, Egypte, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, Russia.